November’s Theme: Loving Hearts

2014-11-02 13.07.09

This month the theme for the children and youth program is Loving Hearts.  This comes from the chalice lighting that we do in the children’s classes each week:

We Light this Chalice (that was September’s theme)

to celebrate Unitarian Universalism (October’s theme)

This is a church of Open Minds

This is a church of Helping Hands

This is a church of Loving Hearts

Together we care for our Earth

and work for Friendship and Peace in the world

So now we are exploring our Loving Hearts, before Open Minds or Helping Hands, which is fitting because Love is the base that supports us in all else we do (after physical needs).

A book I recently read, The Five Love Languages of Children, makes the case that the goals parents may have (instilling discipline, teaching morals, encouraging academic learning, etc) are all secondary to “filling up the love tank” of their children. This is because when children feel truly loved they are more able to focus on other things such as learning or doing good in the world.  This concept has been expressed by others: people need to be physiologically and emotionally resourced if they are to be at their best.

We are looking to fill our hearts, and let that love that we feel guide us.
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