January’s Theme in Religious Education Classes: Open Minds

open mind sign

(image from Flickr, creative commons license)

This month’s theme in our Religious Education classes will be Open Minds.  This will be the final in our series of themes that have followed along with our chalice lighting words:

Light this Chalice (September)

Celebrate Unitarian Universalism (October)

Loving Hearts (November)

Helping Hands (December)

Open Minds (January)

Open Minds ties in very well with our 5th Source of Science and Reason, and we will be discussing how science and religion relate and interact with one another.  Our elementary aged kids will be learning about historical UU’s who had Open Minds: Lewis Latimer ,  Maria MitchellJoseph Priestley,  and Vilhjalmur Stefansson.  The teens will be exploring learning styles, Neil de Grasse Tyson’s “Most Astounding Fact”, the scientific vs. religious world views, and Mary Oliver’s thought provoking poem The Journey. 

It’s going to be a mind-expanding month!