Create Your Own Chalice Lighting Words

Last week we suggested making your own chalice at home. Now if you have a chalice, you might want some personal chalice lighting words!

lego chalice

Here are some fill in the blank writing prompts to get you started, but don’t stop there! We would love to see your own words if you care to share, so feel free to post a comment here.

Personalized Family Chalice Lighting Words

Fill in the blanks below to create your own chalice lighting words to use at home.


For celebration and gratitude:


We light this chalice

To celebrate _______________________

We are a people of __________________

Grateful for ________________________

And together we offer thanks and __________________.


For quiet contemplation:


In the quiet and darkness

We light this flame of ________________

Symbol of __________________

And sign of our quest for _________________



Spark from the universe

That connects us to ______________________

This light reminds us to ___________________

As we strive to understand _________________

For connection and prayer


May this be a candle of _____________________

As we hold _________________ in our hearts

The warmth of our love goes to _________________

And all are held in the light of love and hope.



For grief and mourning


In our time of grief, we light a flame of _________________.

In our remembering of ____________________, we light a flame of ongoing life.

In this time of sorrow, we light a flame of ____________________.

In our time of difficulty, this flame carries our ______________________.

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