Making a Chalice at Home

Unitarian Universalists all around the world join together in the practice of lighting a chalice, often to mark the beginning of their worship services. As we move into this time of physical distancing, we invite you all to make your own chalice for use at home. When we gather together for online worship, we will invite everyone to light their own chalice wherever they are.

You can also light your chalice at other times for home spiritual practices. Maybe light a chalice to mark the beginning of a family meal, or light a chalice for your meditation or yoga time.

The history of the Flaming Chalice:

The Story of the Flaming Chalice from Olympia Unitarian Universalist on Vimeo.


Building Your Chalice

There are so many ways you can make a chalice! Here are just a few suggestions:

Or just look through your home and see what might stack to make a chalice. Teacup and saucer? Vase and plate? I’m sure you can find something!

Next week:

Writing your own chalice lighting words!


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