Children’s Annual Meeting, 2019

Another great Children’s Annual Meeting happened this year, (just as great as last year). The kids worked as committees to make nominations and then all voted to decide on:

  1. Our End-Of-Year Children’s Service Project. They chose to do a project to support affordable medicine. Starting on April 28th we will work on this project during the Sunday classes for the elementary aged kids. I’ve contacted the Olympia Free Clinic to see how we could help them, and we’ll also be learning about UU connections to medicine (Clara Barton, and others), and more!
  2. The recipient of 50% (modeled after OUUC’s Share the Plate) of this coming year’s Children’s Offering. The children voted to donate next year to helping dogs – we’ll donate to an animal shelter or animal charity. Last year’s recipient chosen was natural disaster relief, and the kids donated over $350 this year …  great job!
  3.  And finally they chose the program we will do for Summer Religious Education. They chose to repeat the Maker Space program.

Great job, kids!