Our Green Sanctuary


On our Earth Day Sunday, we took the kids on a tour of the congregation and pointed out the many ways we are a Green Sanctuary.

The Green Sanctuary Program from the UUA provides a structure and tools to congregations who want to raise their awareness and take action for the environment and climate change. OUUC earned its Green Sanctuary accreditation several years ago, and continues to show a high commitment to being a Green Sanctuary.

Stops on our tour with the kids:

  1. The Green Sanctuary Accreditation letter, posted outside the Minister’s Office
  2. The Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary sign (posted on the fence around our dumpsters, but that’s not the wildlife habitat … the habitat is right behind the dumpsters in the wild woods portion of our property).
  3. At the front of the building, you can see the solar panels on the roof. Anyone interested in the energy report can access it from the church website.
  4. Inside again, we noted the big banner in the Commons proclaiming 2018 the Year of Environmental Justice at OUUC.
  5. A stop in the kitchen to note the recycling and compost sorting station sparked good conversation about trash and home recycling habits.
  6. In the Work Room we noted an old poster about global warming that we’ve had up for decades …. showing the long term commitment to this issue this community has had.
  7. Back in the hallway outside their classroom, the kids checked out the Green Sanctuary Committee’s bulletin board, showing many of the ways this community and this congregation show their care for the Earth.

Next time you are at OUUC, look for some of these signs of our Green Sanctuary yourself!

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