An Accessibility Audit

The theme this month is Courage, and in our religious education classes we are exploring many different kinds of courage. This last Sunday our example of courage was Christopher Reeve, a UU, a “Super Man”, and advocate for disability awareness and medical research.

The kids also had the chance to do an accessibility audit on our building. We borrowed a wheelchair from the hospitality team (it’s normally kept available in the coat closet if needed here at the congregation) and the kids used it to try and get around in the church building.

They noted how hard it was to open doors. They realized that the grass and the wood chips in the play area are not good for wheels. They found it hard to navigate through the crowded coffee hour crowd, and difficult with a narrow aisle in the worship sanctuary.

We’ll pass the notes from their audit on to congregational leadership, but even more importantly these kids all learned a little bit about empathy and that super heroes come in all different shapes, sizes, and abilities.

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