Connection to the Seasons


Unitarian Universalists don’t have the strong liturgical calendar that other traditions use to order their years. And, while I don’t want to anchor the whole religious experience of a year in the story of the life of Jesus, as other traditions do, I do have a bit of liturgical calendar envy.

It would be nice to have a steady and familiar rhythm to follow.

But wait – there is a rhythm already! It’s the rhythm of the seasons, which so many faith traditions, especially indigenous and earth-based traditions, have been inspired by. We can follow this natural rhythm as well, even though so many of us no longer live lives that are intimately connected to the outdoors or to agricultural cycles.

In the religious education program, this can look like it did this last Sunday, when we made fall wreaths and apple pomanders to welcome a new season after the equinox and to make our doorways welcoming to guests.

If you are interested in making connection to the seasons part of your family practice, I recommend the book The Rhythm of Family: Discovering a Sense of Wonder Through the Seasons by Amanda and Stephen Soule




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