Taking it Home: Sufism, Refugees, Confronting Islamophobia

Taking it Home:
1. With the “Muslim Ban” in the news right now, your kids have probably heard about it either from the media, from adults, or from other kids. Have you taken time to talk to them about it? What are their questions, thoughts, possibly fears?
2. Find some good books to help your kids understand the experience of being a refugee, or an immigrant.
3. Light a chalice as a family this week, with words inspired by the poet Rumi. Or sing together hymn #188, “Come, Come, Whoever You Are“.
4. Show your support of refugees and religious freedom, through the UUSC, the ACLU, or other organizations of your choice.
Try a Faith Adventure:
Sufism is a mystical tradition of Islam, in which practitioners seek to have a direct personal of experience of Allah as divine love.
How do you directly experience the divine/wonder-filled/transcendent/awesome? As Unitarian Universalists, we do not inherit certain practices, but can instead craft our own personally meaningful UU practice, as described in the curriculum Spirit in Practice. There are many possible practices: silent meditation, sacred dance, creating artconnecting to nature, and more!
This week, as a family, explore one or more spiritual practices. And then talk about it: how did it feel?, did it change how you experienced your day?, what was challenging?, would you want to continue with a practice?

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