Confronting Islamophobia

This month our children’s religious education classes are learning about Islam, and as part of that learning it is important that we discuss the rise of Islamophobia in our country. Here are some ideas and resources for beginning that work at home:

Taking it Home:
1. As a parent/guardian, consider how you respond to Islamophobia. This article from Teaching Tolerance may get you thinking about it.
3. When you notice depictions of Islam or Muslims that you disagree with (in popular media, the news, or political speech) speak up! The UUSC has gathered facts and tips for confronting hate speech.
Try a Faith Adventure:
Muslims pray five times a day, and we discussed prayer in class on Sunday. What is a Unitarian Universalist understanding of prayer? What is prayer? Who/what are we praying to? Why and how do we pray?
Explore prayer together this week!
A toolkit for your adventure:
Now, try praying as a family. Perhaps try a morning prayer as you all get ready to scatter and start your days, or an evening prayer at bedtime. Just try it out, for a week, and see how it feels. Talk about it: what was awkward, what was profound, how did you feel, what were the effects?

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