Our Summer Program Will Be MakerSpace

As we usually do, we had the children vote on what they would like to do learn about this summer in religious education at the Children’s Annual Meeting. The choice was … MakerSpace!

MakerSpace is an idea that is part of the larger makers movement, a movement that seeks to promote tinkering, inventing, creating, and hands-on learning. A makerspace is a place that has the tools, materials, and supplies for hands-on making.

In our interpretation, we will have a classroom set up with: movie making, upcycling/fashion/fiber arts, green energy and snap circuit kits, and art studio supplies. A guest from the congregation will demonstrate and show something that they make each week.

Time for some hands-on faith formation … developing the skills that can shape our world.


Elementary Service Project


This year we are including a service project component in our elementary class. To choose a focus for that project, the kids had a chance to make proposals at the Children’s Annual Meeting, and then everyone voted on what they would like to do. The choice this year was to help shelter animals.

Unfortunately, children under 14 years old cannot volunteer at the shelter with the animals. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty this age group can do!

In our Sunday classes so far we have:

Next up: A Bake Sale and Supply Collection! Next Sunday the kids will be running a table in the hall during coffee hour, selling baked goods and collecting donations of animal supplies, all to benefit the local animal shelter.

And to cap it all off: I’ve arranged a class about cats and dogs and a tour provided by the animal shelter. This is on a Friday afternoon, for a limited number of participants, but those who wish to go will find out how dogs and cats communicate with us and tour the shelter.

This has been a great project!