In Our Pre-K Classroom

2015-10-04 00.43.50

A quick highlight of what our Fall classes are looking like, going from youngest to oldest, is the plan for the near future on the blog.

Here is our Pre-K classroom.  It uses the Spirit Play method, and this fall the stories have been selected to go with the monthly themes.  So far we have had a story about the flaming chalice and the promises we make to each other in community, and a story about Francis David and King John Sigismund.  Upcoming stories will be about John Murray, about how a community comes together to make a church, and about our partner church in Transylvania.

I love this classroom, with its laid-back vibe and creative energy. After the story is told, the kids choose what they would like to do during work time.  There is usually a lot of art making, but many also choose to “work with” the story baskets and retell the stories to themselves, or to build with blocks in our sacred spaces corner.  There is also a meditation corner and books to read.

This class is about Wonder and Awe, asking Big Questions without needing answers, and about gentle fellowship.