Dedicating the Teachers

2015-09-20 00.01.17

Yesterday we launched another year in the Religious Education program of our congregation.  And, although I certainly put a lot of prep and planning and work into what happened for our kids in their classes yesterday, the endeavor is far larger than any one person could do alone.  In fact, it is far larger than even the team of teachers can do alone.

During our RE Dedication, we passed flower bulbs hand to hand among the congregation, blessing them as gifts for our teachers.  We talked about how our young people need all of our hands: hands to maintain the building and grounds, hands to make the coffee and treats, hands to support the financial well-being of the church, hands to care for those in need, and hands to create a loving community. All of our hands are needed.

2015-09-19 23.59.56

And then, we called forth our teachers.  These are the wonderful folks who have chosen to give their time and presence to the creation of a program that lets children and youth grow in love, acceptance, and possibility.  These are folks who don’t have all the answers, but are happy to explore the questions with you.  These are folks who may still be struggling with questions of their own faith and belief, but know that that is OK.  These are folks who are committed to anti-bias education, to welcoming all children and youth, and to the creation of a beloved community.  These are some pretty special people, and yet they are just like you and me.

2015-09-20 00.03.19

We called them forth and we gave them their charge and their blessing.  I am so honored to start a new year off with these dear sweet people and our wonderful children and youth.  I can’t wait to see what grows from it.


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