Are We Ready for the New Church Year?

2015-08-12 12.03.53

I’ve had a lovely summer, with camps, family road trips, and a retreat with religious educator colleagues (pictured above).  I hope that your summer has been as lovely, and I imagine that you might be wanting to cling to it and hold on to that summer feeling while we still can.

However, the church year (and school year) is just around the corner.  Ack!  Are we ready?

In fact, at the congregation we are getting ready. We have a lovely team of volunteers forming, and we are scheduling trainings and other good things to get ready. All of these fine folks are excited to spend time and explore cool ideas with our children and youth. The children and youth programs have some very cool plans for the year.

We have an exciting plan to do an experiment with theme-based ministry this year, so the worship, religious education, and small group ministry will be coordinated around monthly themes.  To support those monthly themes, we (Director of Religious Education, Interim Minister, and Music Director) will be writing a monthly newsletter so you can connect with the theme at home.  (This will be taking the place of my Religious Education at Home newsletter for this year).

The line-up of Adult Education classes is diverse and offers something-for-everyone.  This year we are coordinating the Adult Education programs with our religious literacy rotation for the children and youth, and this is our year for Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).

Our small group ministry program, Circles of the Spirit, is open for enrollment now.  Each month, the meetings of these groups will be on the theme of the month, and the groups will have a slightly different format than in past years.

So we are getting ready, and now is the right time for you to register for Children and Youth and/or Adult RE.  It’s going to be a great year!


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