Talking About Our Feelings and the film “Inside Out”

2015-07-08 13.36.25

Last week we held our annual Chalice Camp here at OUUC.  It was a great week full of lots of fun, games, movie making, and lessons on our feelings, needs, and how we communicate with one another. I drew those lessons from a wonderful curriculum called Heart Talk, which I highly recommend, but it was interesting how often our conversations turned to the recent Pixar film Inside Out.  This is the big hit family movie of the summer, so it wasn’t surprising that most of the kids at camp had seen the film.  It’s also a really good movie that did a creative and fun job of portraying real emotional depth, so the connections we made to our work with non-violent communication and heart talk were valuable and enriching to the material we had.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet with your kids, you should check it out.  And after, consider these lessons about emotional health from The Greater GoodSome good discussion starters there!