Climate Justice Month and You

2014-10-05 00.42.41

Here it comes – Climate Justice Month starts this Sunday, March 22nd, on World Water Day.  We at OUUC will have a climate justice worship service on that first Sunday.

Then, for the month from now until Earth Day, we are all asked to reflect and act together on behalf of our planet and the climate.  With weekly theological themes and action prompts, you can follow along as a family or an individual by signing up at Commit2Respond.  You can also like Commit2Respond on Facebook or Twitter.

Then What?

1.  Read my post from last year about developmentally appropriate environmental education.  Think about how old your kids are and what they are ready for right now.  There is a way to engage all ages with climate justice, but it may look different for different kids.

2.  Take the pledge and work to reduce your household carbon footprint.  There is a good tool available through the Washington State Department of Ecology.

3.  And, because I believe that for us to truly step up to protect the planet we must first love nature and combat “ecophobia” in our culture, just try to get you and your kids outside more!  Consider the idea of “1000 Hours“, or that a child should spend 1000 hours outside during their childhood, and/or read Last Child in the Woods:  Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder


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