A Shout Out to LREDA



At LREDA business meetings, we get creative with things like “Spin the Wheel of the Agenda”!

When I was a baby DRE, after only a few weeks of work, I attended my first LREDA (Liberal Religious Educators Association) meeting.  This is a monthly gathering of other fabulous and amazing people (mostly women but we can’t forget the awesome men who do this work too) who have listened, advised, studied, supported, shared, laughed and cried together through the years.  The individual people come and go, but the intent of the group remains the same:

We are here to support one another in this important work, which is so often done in isolation.  These are the people who understand what I do, because they do it too.  And at the larger (District, continental) level these are the people who volunteer their time to serve on Boards and Committees in order to make sure there are trainings and services to support us all in this work.

If you are a professional religious educator and you have not joined LREDA, what are you waiting for?  The dues are pretty reasonable, and the rewards are priceless.


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