chalice ornaments I'm making

Although I’m not 100% sold on this holiday, it would be remiss of me to not bring it to your attention.  In 2005, arising out of a desire to have a winter holiday organized around Unitarian Universalist values, Chalica was created by some theology students.  

Chalica is “officially” set to begin on the first Monday in December, and then goes for 7 days.  On each day, you light your chalice and have a reading for thePrinciple of the day (the 1st Principle on the first day, the 2nd on the 2nd day, etc.) and then do a good deed that day related to that principle.

There is a Chalica blog with lots of ideas.  For readings and stories for each Principle, there is a good book: Our Seven Principles in Story and Verse by Kenneth Collier.  This could become a very meaningful way for you to explore your UU values as a family during the holiday season.

However, I will share with you that the one year I tried to do this holiday with my family, our experience was simply to be overwhelmed. We already have a Christmas to celebrate with extended family, and my mother celebrates the pagan Yule so we also do that, and I grew up with a tradition that my parents invented of lighting twelve candles for the “12 Nights of Solstice” which I now continue with my kids …. I’m sure many of you experience this too: there is simply already too much to celebrate in the month of December.  For that reason, I personally would have placed Chalica in January.  And, of course, we are all free to do Chalica (or not) whenever and however we want to.


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