Blog Action Day

Oh dear, it’s Blog Action Day.  I had meant to write a lovely post about the theme this year – Human Rights – and how we address issues of human rights in the religious education program at our Unitarian Universalist congregation.  It was going to be an awesome post, in my head.

But now here I am, away from home at a conference, realizing that I should have worked on this before if I was going to accomplish that awesome post, and realizing I don’t have time now.  Argh.  I thought I might just blow the whole thing off, but I do want to post one thing.


The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is awesome (their tagline is “advancing human rights is the work of many hands”).  They don’t just do good work around the world, they also do a great job of creating opportunities for the children and youth in local congregations to learn more about the issues and to connect at a local or larger level.  They do fun and easy projects like the Guest at Your Table box, which has become an annual tradition in my (and many other) UU congregation(s).  And they have the new UU College of Social Justice, which I really hope to be able to take a trip with sometime soon.  It looks amazing.

So check them out!



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