Whose Turn Is It to Light the Chalice?



This time of year for religious educators can get very detail oriented.  All the big picture planning was done in the spring, all the procrastinating I mean “getting ready” was done in the summer, and now it’s all about registration forms, and class lists, and materials lists, and master calendars, and volunteer schedules, and name tags, and so on.

Here’s a prime example of the sort of detail-oriented stuff on my desk right now.  These pots full of tongue depressors are how we keep track of kids getting to participate in classroom rituals such as lighting the chalice.  Every registered child has their name on a stick, and every stick as a red end and a purple end.  All the sticks start with the same color up, and as a child gets a turn, their stick gets flipped over.  This way the teachers can tell from week to week who hasn’t had a turn yet.

And so this week I was writing names on tongue depressors. 🙂

It’s all in the details, sometimes.


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