Building the World We Dream Of



This last Sunday I had the challenge of leading the worship service, which I had requested at the end of the summer so I could share with the adults of the congregation what the children had done in religious education classes all summer.

I made videos in all the summer classes, and edited a 6 minute movie of the kids talking to show in the worship service.  Using new technology in worship makes me nervous, but it mostly worked out well.  Whew!

And then I had an interactive component, with everyone asked to write a dream they have for the world on an index card, and the kids collecting and taking the cards out to the social hall.  There they organized the cards onto these display boards, which everyone could check out during coffee hour.

While they were outside being active I delivered the sermon, reflecting on what we had done this summer, what I noticed and learned from the experience, why we did this program, what I noticed the kids getting from it, and the take-away message for the larger community.



I was a nervous wreck, frankly.  This is only the 3rd time that I have delivered a sermon, and leading worship has not been a regular part of my role here.  In the end, it wasn’t a home run exactly, but I think it was good.

Stretching yourself is a good thing to do.


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