The Tree Protest


This week I’m leading Chalice Camp for 7-10 year olds at my church, and it was also the week that work really got going on a new parking lot addition.  It involved trees coming down, and that was extremely upsetting to many of the kids in the camp.  They are UU kids: environmentalists who expect their voices to be heard.

The most passionate formed a “tree protest club”, made protest signs and wanted to give speeches.  (Pictured are my children, since I know I have photo permission for those, but there were 8 kids in the club, out of 15 in the camp.)

My co-teacher and I shelved the original plans for a bit, and we had a long discussion and then gave them the time to give us their speeches.


It was emotional.  It was difficult.  I think it was the right thing to do.  Church community in action, again.


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