Pride Prep


Last Sunday our high school youth had fun painting posters and Tshirts for the Pride Parade coming up in our town.  One of our younger tag-alongs added some fun to the proceedings by opening up a “tattoo parlor” and giving everyone tattoos.

The Pride Parade is a fun highlight of the year for the youth.  Why do UU’s like to come out for these events?  I’ll tell you why our group likes it – it’s amazing fun and the kind of event where people “cheer for you for just showing up” (our Minister’s way of describing it).  We don’t do Pride because we hope it will help our church grow.  We don’t do Pride because this is the social action issue du jour.  We do Pride because we believe in it and because we love doing it.

And I think it’s the best kind of ministry for youth to do: it’s fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is all about Love, and it is all about Identity and Acceptance (issues that resonate so much with the youth I work with!).

Happy Pride Month to Everyone!


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