Last Sunday we held both the Coming of Age and Bridging rituals in the worship services.  For both rituals, there is an element of me saying good-bye to these kids that I have worked with as a DRE for the last few years.  The Coming of Age youth will still be around for four more years of youth group (or not, as some choose not to attend – but they’ll still be around).

But Bridging is very bittersweet.  Now that I’ve been doing this DRE thing for five years, we are Bridging young people that were in Middle School when I began.  I can’t imagine how strange it will feel once we start Bridging kids that were in elementary school at my beginning!  I miss them all, and I’m proud of them, and excited for them, and sad that things must change …. all at once.



I know they’ll find their own path.  Sometimes that journey brings them back, for a visit or to stay, and sometimes it doesn’t.  But I hold all of them in my heart, lightly.  May they be blessed.  May the road rise up to meet them,  and may the rain fall gently on their faces.  May they find that which makes them come alive, and then share that with the world.  May they be strong, may they find love, may they be whole.

Blessings on the journey, young ones.


2 thoughts on “Bridging

  1. I would love to know more about your bridging program. I want to get one started in our congregation, but our DRE has just left and I am afraid it won’t happen. Do you use a certain program? Also, at what age do you start the process?

    • Our program is pretty basic right now, but I’m excited about the new Bridging Handbook the UUA has published. I plan to delve into that further and enrich my program next time around.

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