Coming of Age


I’m just back from leading a retreat for our Coming of Age youth and their mentors.  Coming of Age is a common UU program, although each congregation does it a bit differently.  This year I rehauled our program almost completely, but I knew I still wanted to end with a retreat with solo vigils for the youth.

It was a wonderful, thoughtful, and poignant retreat.  The space I found to rent was lovely, despite the rain, the youth were really using this time to be thoughtful and introspective, and the adults had a good time together while holding this intentional space open for the youth.

A reading from Coming of Age: a treasury of poems, quotations and readings on growing up that I used begins with: “Coming of age never really ends.  It is a regenerative and cyclic process, moving a bit forward, a bit back, seeming more an adult one minute, less so another.”

In other words, Let It Be a Dance We Do.  A dance it is my honor to witness and be a part of.


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