Got a minute?


Our Office Administrator clipped this cartoon and gave it to me at church. 🙂

I know this feeling, when I’m trying to do what I think is important (memorize the story for the Sunday service, organize and write the lesson plans, craft a volunteer recruitment letter, whatever) and a person interrupts me with what might seem like a minor issue to me (the battery is out on the classroom electronic candle, all the pens are gone from the sign-in cart, they have a large item that needs storage space somewhere, they want to be shown again how to use the TV cart to do a powerpoint presentation, etc), and it can be very frustrating to be interrupted.

It’s the same at home, where my family interrupts me because they need something.  Why can’t people just deal with their own minor concerns?

There really are no minor concerns.  Everything matters to someone.

Maybe it doesn’t matter as much to me as it does to them, but the fact that it matters to them makes it matter to me.  Because they matter to me.

I work in a people oriented field, and I am interruptible.  I am available to others, to help, to listen, to point out where the pens are kept, how the TV cart works, which closet we store things in, and where the spare candles are.  I’m here to talk through your discomfort talking to children about God.  Or I can pull together the supplies for an activity you really would rather do than the one in the lesson plan.  I can listen about your struggles with your kids.  Or your struggles with other people’s kids.  Or we can talk about how you think we should put out non-dairy creamer.

It’s all important to somebody.


(Disclaimer: that said, the flipside is that if Everything Matters to Someone, Not Everything Can Matter Equally to You.  I cannot take on the concerns and nitty-gritty of every little detail and every last person in the congregation.  But I can give them a few minutes of my time, then say “yes, I see this is important to you – have you tried?/spoken to?/thought of?” And ultimately, I can’t solve everything for everyone.  So don’t take this post as a call for unrealistic standards.  There is enough of that and it is incredibly destructive to us all.  No one is superman/woman/minister/DRE)


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