Seeking meaning in Scripture

Because I didn’t grow up Christian, I have only the vaguest idea of what is in the Bible.  And being a UU, it’s pretty easy to avoid the whole thing.

But that’s really not good enough.  This is an incredibly influential and important book, whether or not I agree with everything in it or love it or dislike it, I should still know it.  But how?  I haven’t found any helpful study guides for liberal seeker and skeptics, although I did read John Buehrens’ Understanding the Bible: An Introduction for Skeptics, Seekers, and Religious Liberals.  It was helpful, but not complete.

I really just wanted to read the whole thing, and have someone to discuss it with.  But I searched in vain for a “Liberal Bible Study Group”.  That was when I was complaining to my mother, and she said “Let’s start a Mother-Daughter Bible Study!”

A brilliant notion.  We are meeting monthly, discussing two books at a time.  Mom even bought The Old Testament from The Great Courses series, and that is enriching our understanding as well.

It’s not always easy.  I don’t find much inspiration here, yet.  But I think I’m understanding it better.

I copied this quote into the front of my study Bible.  So far, it’s aspirational, but I hope that if I pay close enough attention, I may feel this.



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