Kids in church with me



Yesterday I led the intergenerational Earth Day service for my congregation.  It was a fun service, with samba dancers and children acting out a story about feeling connected to the web of life.  It came off, and was lovely.

And I found it exhausting.  My kids were in the service, and my husband would have been there to sit with them and “wrangle” them, but he had to leave town due to a family illness.  So they were sitting beside me, up front, with every wiggle, noisy aside comment, and standing up at the wrong time during the Joys and Concerns ritual on full display.

And here’s the truth: I serve this congregation, but my children do not.  They are part of it, just like any other kids, and yet they have their mom being the DRE.

Is it worse to be a PK or a DREK?  How can we balance being parents and professionals at the same time, on display to everyone?


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