People-Centered Planning

I was really jazzed by the 21st Century Faith Formation training that I took last month, and so I was excited to try out some of the network design components with the Family Ministry Team of my congregation.  There were many interesting things about new technology and cultural trends in the 21st Century Training, but what stood out for me was not the technology, not the internet and the websites – it was the idea of designing around People instead of Buildings or Programs.

So I tried that with the Family Ministry Team.  We started by imagining our “Target Audience”, and to simplify we chose just one demographic – families with young children.  We will come back around next year and imagine another network for families with teens, then for young adults, then for empty nesters, etc.

What are the Target Audiences Life Tasks?  What are they doing at this stage in their life?


Once we had a handle on what our “Target Audience” – which I prefer to call our “Ministry Setting” are doing, we thought about what their Needs are right now in their lives.


After lumping and clumping those Needs and making some categories from them, we brainstormed how to offer programs to meet those needs.


We came up with a lot of good ideas.  We can’t probably do them all, but our goal is to “Explore and Initiate some of the New Program Ideas” next year.

The process felt really useful.  I think this is going to be good.


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