Enough Learning; Time for More Doing



Through an accident of scheduling (when things were available for me, not necessarily when it would be best for me to do them) I am in my third week in a row of focusing most of my work time on continuing education.  Ren Mods, the 21st Century Faith Formation training, and now a class at Meadville-Lombard!

I’m not used to this anymore, since I’ve been out of school for 7 years now.  And I’m seeing it to be getting to a point that is counterproductive, to put this much cool stuff into my head but not have any time to follow through on the praxis and get to doing something with it.  

I need to stop learning, brainstorming, and being inspired (for now) and take this learning, these ideas, and this inspiration and get back to church and make something real happen.  It’s a good reminder that balance is good.  Next time I’m sick and tired of only doing and not learning I’ll remember that the reverse can also be true. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Enough Learning; Time for More Doing

  1. It would have been awesome to meet you too! I was secretly watching for you and wondering if I would recognize you from your little profile picture. 🙂 I didn’t meet the other Sara DRE, either!

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