The congregation I serve is doing a project at the moment called “Dreaming Bigger Than Ourselves”, the purpose of which is to choose a focus area or a community group that we can partner with, to truly live out our mission in the world.

To involve everyone in choosing our focus (which we expect to maintain for two or three years) we’ve been asking questions that highlight certain parts of our mission statement.  The adults in the congregation have been filling out little slips of paper and dropping them in a suggestion box – but I wanted to bring the project to the kids as well.  We put up seven posters with our seven questions, and the kids all wrote their ideas on the posters.

All their ideas have been added to the adult ideas – now will “give everyone a unicorn” actually end up coming up for a vote?  No.  But to give the team putting this thing together full credit for taking kids seriously, the ideas that are possible are going to be given weight as we make our choice.

I love doing projects like this with the kids!  It’s such great work to have.


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