Liberal Theology Reading


I am in the midst of reading for a course in Liberal Theology I am taking at Meadville next month.  It’s a lot to think about!

So far I’ve read:

Faith Without Certainty – a great general introduction to liberal theology with a real flair for stating complicated ideas in easy to understand ways.

On Religion: Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers  – oh, those Enlightenment men.  Sadly, they weren’t so enlightened about women and other cultures, but he still had a few new and cool ideas about the nature of religion.

Making the Manifesto – Schulz is a bit standoffish about declaring himself a humanist, and this is mixed view of the history of humanism.

Reason and Reverence – and then, a more sympathetic view of humanism, moving it forward into the future by wedding it with Religious Naturalism, thus giving it the “reverence” part.

Making a Way out of No Way: a Womanist Theology – the first question was ‘what is womanist?’, and the answer is that it is the study of the life of African American women, so often ignored by both feminist and African American (male) thinkers.  This was a fascinating exercise in marrying process theology to liberation/womanist theology.

And now I’m reading Religious Naturalism Today and Proverbs of Ashes.  


More to follow!  My thoughts on all of this are getting sorted out.




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